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Dawopu Micro Parts Co., Ltd

Micro Fasteners for Hobbyists

Hobbyists from around the world turn to Dawopu Micro Parts Co., Ltd. for a wide selection of high quality micro fasteners, fastener accessories and related project hardware and tools for hobbies and other projects. Whether a person enjoys radio control vehicles, modeling, woodcraft or electronics modification and repair, Dawopu Micro Parts Co., Ltd has more than 20 million fasteners to choose from.

The micro fasteners and accessory selection includes standard and metric size:

Button, flat and pan head screws

Socket head cap screws

Machine and threaded machine screws

Drywall screws

Wood screws

Sheet metal screws

Torx screws

Various bolts



Available materials for miniature screws include:

Stainless Steel

Zinc-Plated Stainless Steel

Alloy Steel


Anodized Aluminum (Current Colors: Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Black, Clear, Orange and Gold)

Black Oxide

For anyone who needs industrial grade micro fasteners, Fastener Express also carries miniature screws, dowel screws, self-tapping screws, thumb screws, wing screws, weld screws, flange screws, anchors, bolts and other industrial grade hardware. In addition, Dawopu Micro Parts Co., Ltd offers Plastite micro fasteners for soft plastic projects. Fastener Express also carries other useful hobby products including storage boxes to hold fasteners, adhesives and sealants, and a full line of Bonhus ball end tip hex screwdrivers and balldriver L wrenches and wrench sets. A PDF chart for matching hex keys to screw sockets is also available to make finding the right wrench for a project a quick and easy process. Dawopu Micro Parts Co., Ltd adds to its stock of micro fasteners regularly. Please email questions about our fasteners and special pricing requests to sales@dawopu.com.


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