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For more information, please contact us at:

Address: Room1142,XinCheng Square, No151,ZiDingXiang Road Hangzhou City ZheJiang China 310021

Telphone: +86-571-89967020
Fax:     +86-571-89967015
E-Mail:   info@dawopu.com    


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To contact the Sales office: 

Eastsun Liu , Sales Manager
Email: sales@dawopu.com 

To contact the Factory:

Mr Xu , Production Manager
Email: eastsun@dawopu.com

To contact the Purchasing Department:

Miss Ren , Purchase Manager
Email: purchase@dawopu.com

To contact the Sales Department:

John Zhao , Sales Manager
Email: eastsun@dawopu.com

To contact the Quality Department:

David Lee , Quality Manager
Email: quality@dawopu.com

To contact the Engineering Department:

Daisy Engineer
Email: daisy@dawopu.com

To contact the Service Department:

Anna Wang, General Manager
Email: Anna@dawopu.com

To contact the Human Resource Department:

Nancy , Office Manager
Email: Hur@dawopu.com

To contact the Accounting Department:

Ella Chu , Account Manager
Email: account@dawopu.com

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Contact:Mr Liu




Address:No151 ,ZiDingXiang Rd, Hangzhou. Zhejiang Province, China