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For many years our purpose has been to provide our customers with the best quality product available, in the most timely manner possible, at the best value.

Dawopu Precision Parts, located in Hangzhou City, China, has the reputation for supplying the highest quality, most durable and long-lasting alternators and starters exclusively for original equipment Gas Turbine Parts manufacturers. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques and continuous testing processes throughout the remanufacturing process, we can produce rotating electric units that are every bit as good, or even better than the manufacturer's brand-new units.

Adopting remanufacturing for your company says that you care about our environment and the quality of the air in our country and around the world. Remanufacturing uses approximately 85% less energy than manufacturing and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 28 million tons every year.

The benefits to your distributors and their customers is an affordable option for you to add to your service parts program and one that will increase your service parts sales and profits by taking away the necessity for having to search the internet for cost-saving options when the cost of new units is not affordable.

WHY Dawopu?

Lowers Cost

By using recovered units, we are able to keep costs down by re-using key components.

Energy Conservation

Automotive and truck parts are kept out of the resmelting process longer because of remanufacturing. As a result, millions of barrels of oil or comparable forms of energy are saved.

Landfill Space Conserved

Landfills are spared the dumping of millions of tons of iron, aluminum, copper, etc., because of the monetary value the industry places on cores. This "core charge" ensures parts are returned to be rebuilt.

Air Pollution Reduction

Once again, keeping parts out of the resmelting process benefits the environment by reducing the air pollution that is generated by resmelting.

Better than new

With our technological advances in material handling and testing equipment, we can implement improvements upon the orignal designs, often improving unit performance.


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