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The Carbon Brush a brief discussion

A carbon brush functions as an electrical contact between a stationary and a moving electrical circuit. A carbon brush is always part of an electrical and mechanical system; it is a conductor of current in the electrical system and it is subjected to mechanical forces from contact with a moving surface. One end of a brush consists of carbon/graphite composition, which is unique

in that it is adequately conductive to perform electrically and has lubricating characteristics to maintain low friction for satisfactory mechanical performance.

The other end of the brush usually consists of a terminal or cap to make a stationary electrical connection. Identifying the specification for a carbon brush is a major challenge for users and manufacturers of carbon brushes. we will have the opportunity to supply the best brush design for your application.

It is hoped that through the use of this specification guide your requirements can be coordinated with the extensive processing and production capabilities at Dawopu Carbon to result in carbon brushes which offer the very best performance.

When ordering a replacement brush, you may want to consider sending us the brush you are replacing. From its wear patterns, we may even be able to recommend a better, longer lasting brush. In any case, Dawopu Carbon Products is committed to providing solutions for your business. Please contact us today.

Dawopu Carbon manufactures all types of carbon brushes. We take special care in the manufacture of every brush to ensure supply of the exact material required both in the grade and dimensional accuracy.

To meet successfully the many and varied applications for brushes on all types of electrical machines, and to render a complete and satisfactory service to the user, a large amount of brush grades are carried in stock by us. In some cases, peculiarities of machines or operating conditions call for special consideration in selecting a suitable grade. We suggest the recommended applications for these grades based on the combined experience of our engineers and a vast amount of data accumulated in the field.

We believe that every component of the brush is integral to the current conduction process, and ensure the highest standards of accessories are used. Our core values are two fold: 

Maximized Brush Life & Lower Wear 

Decreased downtime of the Motor   


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