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CNC Turning

Dawopu Group is the specialist provider of precision machining and turning services. is leading supplier of Precision turning parts , CNC Turning parts Design and Manufacturing CNC turning parts,work to customers drawing and samples

Turning is the process used to machine both internal bores, profiles & details & also produce external profiles on any component using a variety of specialist tooling.

CNC Turning Available Parameters

Maximum Swing.800mm 15.75"
Between Centres.2750mm 108.27"
Materials Machined.All Materials
Shapes Machined.

We regularly produce parts in all of the materials such as:

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless Steel,specialist duplex alloy,saerospace and medical grades

  • Copper

  • Nylon

  • Steel

  • Acetal

  • Polycarbonate

  • Acrylic

  • Brass

  • Teflon

  • Titanium

  • ABS

  • PVC

  • Sterling Silver

  • Bronze

Examples of Work

Suspension Struts, Throttle Housings,
Piston Rods, Rotors, Accumulators, Drive Shafts, Pulleys, Damper Housing.Bushings
Robot Parts, Shift knobs,Motorcycle Parts,Auto Parts,Toy Parts,Knobs

Aerospace Parts Inquiries: info@dawopu.com
Business Development Fax to: (86) 571-89967015


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