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Dawopu utilizes state of the art equipment such as our Portable CMM Romer arm to model any size part, in process, to ensure our customers are receiving the highest quality. With the use of our Brown and Sharp CMMs and PC-DMIS CAD++ auto path software, Dawopu can lay out your part to make sure it conforms to your specifications no matter what quantity you order.

Quality as a Service:

Climate Controlled 23’ x 50’

Brown & Sharp Xcel 153010 CMM X = 118″,Y = 59″, Z = 39.3″

Brown & Sharp Xcel 9159 CMM X = 59″,Y = 34″, Z = 33.5″

10,000# Overhead Crane

Romer Arm with 8′ Reach

Third Party Inspections

In-House Certified Weld Inspector (CWI)

Tool Calibration and Maintenance

Custom Gauging

Optical Comparator

Laboratory Grade Gauge Blocks

Calibrated Equipment to ISO 10012


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Address:No151 ,ZiDingXiang Rd, Hangzhou. Zhejiang Province, China