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Carbon Brushes

  • Carbon brushes for motors
Carbon brushes for motors

Carbon brushes for motors

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  • Time:2022-08-12
  • Description:Carbon brushes for motors

We stock thousands of carbon generator, slip ring and ac motor brushes for a variety of popular applications. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility also allows us to quickly produce custom brushes in a few days.

Our brushes can be custom engineered and manufactured to meet the requirements of your particular motor or generator. Finding the proper brush design for the operating conditions of your motor is the key to maximizing the life of the brush and contact surface. Poor brush selection can result in fast brush wear and damage to the contact surface. 

■DC Motors & Generators

■AC Synchronous Motors

■AC Generators

■Wound Rotor Induction Slip Ring Motors

■Turbine Generators

■Fractional HP Motors

■Grounding Applications