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Ultraprecision Micro Parts

  • Micro screws
Micro screws

Micro screws

  • ID:Micro screws
  • Time:2021-02-19
  • Description:Micro ScrewsRow material: Stainless Steel. Alloy Steel. Carbon Steel. C1008 Steel. Carbon Steel. Aluminum. Copper. Bronze. Coating: Passivated, Coating ZP,YZP,NI,BK etc.Product Range: M1.0-M6


* Thread size: 1.0 mm minimum    

* Thread type: machine screw, tapping screw, tri-angular screw thread, thread forming screw for plastic, other special thread

* Head type: pan head, flat (countersunk) head, cheese head, wafer head, ultra thin head and other standard or custom head

* Recess: cross recess, slot, hexalobular socket, hex socket …..

* Various material: steel, stainless steel, brass ….          

* International standard: ISO, IFI(ASTM, SAE...), DIN, JIS etc        

* Customers's design available      

* Other demand: Nylon patch (thread locker), assembly with washer, other special proceeding, such as circular proceeding(CD vein)